Because He First Loved Us – 10-7-21

Praise the Lord! He is our provider, our comforter, our strength. He brings peace beyond our comprehension. He stands by us, He shows us truth, and He brings so much joy into our lives. He makes our wrongs right in His grace and forgiveness as we humbly bow before Him. He answers prayers, and sometimes at the last minute. Just when we want to give up and think there is no way, the unthinkable happens. His love is beyond measure and something we can’t comprehend. He holds us up in our grief and never lets us faint. He sees us through every situation, the good and the bad. The weaker we are, the stronger He is in us. When we can’t speak, He gives us the words. He opens our eyes so that we see things for what they are. He sees the best in us when all we see are filthy rags.

And people wonder, why is their faith so strong in this One. Why will they give their life for Him. We are everything we are, because He loved us. He first loved us, and for us He gave His life. He is our hope and our salvation. He makes us to soar on wings like eagles, and in Him we run and we don’t grow weary.

Pray for one another. Lift each other up. If God sends a need to your doorsteps, fill that need with joy as He has provided for you to do. To Him is all the praise and the glory for He is so worthy.

Someone shared a story recently where they met a homeless man. This man was so eager to hear God’s words they began speaking. This man was very familiar with God’s words. They wanted to reach out and help him. He said no, let me help you. He gave them things he had been given that he didn’t need. Filled their arms full of provisions he carried in his bags. This story puts God and His amazing work into perspective. May He bless you and yours in this day!

Categories: Devotion

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