Waiting for the Answer – 9-21-21

I believe the Lord teaches us things in our every day routines. He helped me with a valuable lesson today.

Hitting the 60 seconds on the microwave, we stand there for 60 minutes, or so it seems, twiddling our thumbs. And talk about frustration, those 60 seconds didn’t do the trick, we had to push the buttons for 10 seconds more. So for another 10 minutes we twiddle our thumbs. Things are so slow these days.

We make a call and food will show up at our door. We impatiently wait to hear the door bell. That can be the longest 30 minutes of your life, but if it doesn’t show up within 45 minutes it’s free – so there’s that.

These things take 60 seconds to 30 minutes out of our day. We watch, we wait, and we act. Sometimes we act before it’s ready. We complain or we call for repair.

We get on the computer and twiddle our thumbs for those 10 seconds it takes to get online. Thirty seconds sends us to research why is my computer so slow.

Every appliance and every device that we have gives us what we want in a flash. If it doesn’t, we act. We want things done and now, and sometimes we feel it needs to be our way. A few more minutes just doesn’t work for us.

Moving so fast with all this everyday, it is no wander we think the Lord isn’t answering our prayers. We gave that microwave 10 seconds more, and that’s about what we give God sometimes. We sit before Him and pray, waiting on an answer. I have even prayed before that if I didn’t get an answer then I would know it was okay to proceed. God forgive me.

God is not one of our 10 second devices. In this world of technology, we have to remember that sitting before the Lord in prayer and moving on with our day to not act until that prayer is answered, means we go back to the shelling beans on the porch days. We can’t rush God.

Sitting before the Lord in humble gratitude that we are even allowed to constantly pray for answers and actions should be enough to slow us down in our walk with the Lord. God’s timing is not like ours and He will act according to His will in His timing.

He showed me a valuable lesson today. After writing it up I remembered something I had seen in my journal recently. Move on in your journey, don’t look to the right or to the left, and be content in the Lord.

Slowing down these days is hard to do but when it comes to our walk with the Lord, that is something we have to take in His time so that He can direct our steps. Speed prayers and actions just don’t work. One of my regrets in my walk with the Lord is expecting that if I didn’t hear from Him, then I was to move forward.

When we pop things out of the microwave, we know what we expect it to be. Answered prayers don’t always come as the answer we already had in mind for that prayer. We just ask in faith and expect the answer will come in God’s timing and in His way for His will and His kingdom, then we move on with our day, focusing on Him, and being content therein.

I praise His Holy Name for leading and guiding and all the lessons along the way.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Proverbs 16:9 2 Peter 3:8-9

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