Daniel 8-30-21

I was given a message from the Lord by someone I trust.  I can’t go into more detail or give the name, but it included trusting God and looking at Daniel.   

I studied Daniel again.  I was again encouraged by the outcome of the three in the fire and of the lions laying down to sleep in the den.  I was reminded about severe testing of those that know God, being refined, cleansed, and purified.  We will shine as we are washed clean and made like new.  We will understand what is happening as we walk on helping others in His Holy Name without fret or worry.   

The next day a cousin shared something from a friend.  Of all things, it was from Daniel.  The young lady spoke of how recently her grandmother’s words ring in her ear, ‘be like Daniel’.  This led her, too, to look at Daniel again.      

The passage that stood out to her was Daniel’s reaction to his sentence. He was told not to pray to his God.  He prayed anyway.  He remembered Who was in control and Who alone he worshipped.  He responded by doing just as he had done previously. 

Her words were very encouraging to do what we have done previously –

Warriors of faith

Soldiers of compassion

Seekers of righteousness in a fallen world

Proclaim the Gospel in words and deeds

Praising our Father in our homes

A hope for those in need

Reading His word as He transforms us

He holds our days in His hands.  We don’t know the exact timeline of things, but we can be like Daniel.  The God who shut the mouths of lions for Daniel holds the future.  We simply must do as we have previously.

These pictures were taken roughly twenty years ago when I was driving out of a very long dirt driveway asking the Lord, ‘which church should I go to nearby, which way should I head’. I heard His voice, ‘I’m here’. I looked at the trees and saw a billowing white smoke coming out of the top. I panicked and rushed to turn around and call the fire department when the smoke disappeared. So, I took my bible and camera into the woods that day. That began my worship with the Lord outside, and on to the prayer swing. I wouldn’t take anything for it. I will continue to do as I have previously done and be like Daniel.

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