Beautiful Words – 8-24-21

There is so much healing to the soul that the Lord gives us. One thing He gave me when I began having end time dreams so frequently and having visions in September 2015 was so beautiful. It told me we were heading for troubled waters but to hang on to Him. Christ believers have better days coming.

What happened was I woke hearing a song in the night and it was the congregation singing it when I was a little girl. I knew it was their voices. They sang without music and it was always so beautiful. I could make out the tune and it sounded familiar, but I couldn’t understand the words. Then a few words became very clear, and they were the only words I heard. “Count the milestones one by one, Jesus will forsake you never, it is better farther on.’

I have always known when it was the Lord giving a message. It is always few words that say so much. I know it is different for some, but that is how it has always been for me. Now when it’s the adversary, he talks on and on and accuses and threatens. The Lord’s words and messages are like laying in green pastures and walking beside still waters. Even when He has hard things to say, He brings comfort with those words. When the adversary speaks, its like walking through a briar patch.

I pray your relationship with the Lord today enjoys the green pastures and the still waters. Be patient children of God. His timing is not our timing. All we are praying about and for in this time will come according to His will, His purpose, and His time. All we have to do is count the milestones one by one, know He is always with us, and know there are better days ahead. He will always light the way.

Hebrews 13:5-6

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