Greater is He that is in you – 8-5-21

A bit of encouragement for the believers of Christ –

This picture reminds me of the narrow way that is so well lit for any that will follow. These are tough times and being reminded of that is a big help. Once we can keep it in our hearts that He that is in us is so much greater than anything going on around us, it gives us a different perspective. It is so easy to get bogged down in spirit and mind when we see all the heart tugging things around us, but realizing that the One that created everything, including us, is in control – well there you go. Nothing happens without His say so. He answers prayers – His will and His timing. We have been warned of these days and if the good Lord didn’t think we could handle it, we wouldn’t be here at this time. I pray we can all see His strength in us today and know that the One greater than anything going on around us, is in us. God bless!

Categories: Devotion

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