Promises of God 7-29-21

That’s the song I woke to several times during the night. What is going on here is not to even be compared to the eternity in Heaven. Just imagine how that will be since He overcame the world.

He said that He will keep us in perfect peace as our minds are steadfast on Him because we trust Him. So in that, we walk without fear because He tells us He is with us. He also said don’t be dismayed and don’t get discouraged. He will strengthen us as we go and help us along the way. He holds us up with His righteous right hand so if we stumble, we don’t fall. It is so comforting that He goes before us and never leaves us.

He told us all these things so we would have peace in Him as we listen for His instructions and His leading in the way to go. He leads with His rod and His staff. We are grateful for both.

I pray we all find rest in Christ’s power today. He is so gentle and humble of heart. His love keeps any weariness and burdens away. His grace is so sufficient for our weakness. I posted how He showed me one time that we are actually disabled, but in Him we can do the most miraculous things and we are healed by His stripes. Soar on wings like eagles. We have a race to endure in our thankfulness and service to Him, standing on the promises of God.

Categories: Devotion

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