God’s Army – 7-27-21

All believers in Christ walking in the Spirit know nothing can happen without God’s permission. We know it is His will, His plan, and for His glory. We stand in His peace, trust, and faith with no fear. We don’t bow to any man, only God who’s Spirit is upon us. We are in His rest. We humbly celebrate what Jesus did for us in communion. We anoint ourselves and our homes in the covering of His blood. We praise God for all blessings, and we know they all flow from Him. We stay ready and prepared but in His peace. We remain under His wing as His will is done. We wait for His instruction, and His alone. He is our strength sufficient for each day. He is our hope and guide to our home. As we march on in love and humbleness, we want no eyes on us but on our Savior. Stand and stand firm in humble service.

Categories: Devotion

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