Dreams of End of Days

Calling all Faith! – 7-26-21

Call in your faith. As Andy told Aunt Bee, get your nerves all tucked in. Keep your eyes on Jesus that is walking with you. You have a heavenly host with you. God loves His children. He tells us in His word that the waters won’t overtake us and we won’t be burned in the fire.

I haven’t been able to get on much lately. I felt I should be silent awhile and I believe that was actually the case. I wasn’t able to use the computer. I couldn’t get on WP on my phone. Then when I could use the computer, it wouldn’t take my information to log in. I don’t stress things in my older age. Its easier to see that God is in control, and I gave my will over to Him a long time ago. I told Him I don’t know what to do with it.

Since September 2015, I’ve tried so hard to be in His will. I’ve tried to tell dreams, visions, and words as they were given. I’ve prayed so hard that I would give what I had and prayed for discernment to know if its Him. There have been times the difference was so obvious. I have been waking to songs recently that speak of peace like a river and a friend gave me a piece of information I hadn’t even thought of. Peace is one thing the enemy can’t counterfeit. There is a false peace and I think the powers that be are buying peace with handouts, until that comes to a screeching halt. But God’s peace is different. His peace washes over you like a river and you become very relaxed and there is no fear. Its a peace that makes you leave the world behind and follow Him.

I recently had a dream of seeing everything turn upside down but I was under a shelter with others so I just saw it with my eyes and didn’t experience it. Someone else and I have prayed to see if it meant anything else, but we haven’t had anything else on it.

I’ve been shown so much on the promises of God over the past six years. I’ve dreamed of the darkness but was always under His protection. I don’t like seeing what’s going on and I don’t watch the news, but we can’t escape it at this point. We can’t let it in though. And what I mean by that is don’t let it in your heart or your spirit. Be too filled with Jesus and His sweet spirit. All eyes on faith and God’s will. There is nothing to fear for a believer in Christ that walks with the Spirit of God. Always remember, He’s not a liar and a deceiver. I also had a dream that could have stemmed from knowing this is happening, but I dreamed that four federal agents were at my front door. I told them I wouldn’t let them in, but they were able to get in anyway. They were prepared for that. In the conversation I noticed one of them and knew she was not like the rest. She didn’t like what she was doing. I said you don’t feel good about doing this do you? She hung her head, shook her head, and said no. My heart went out to her and I hugged her neck. I felt there will be so many doing things they don’t really want to do and can’t figure out how to get out of it for fear of their families suffering the consequences.

Remember those green pastures? Walk there. Remember the still waters? Go that way. He’s leading into the paths of righteousness for His namesake. We are strangers here so as we walk in this darkness, His rod and staff comforts us. He prepares a table before us and He is anointing our head with oil as our cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our lives and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Amen! Go in peace with the Lord as you ask Him to lead the way! We really are strangers here and we really will make our destination.

The first thing I heard in September 2015. ‘Count the milestones one by one. Jesus will forsake you never. It is better farther on.’

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