The musings of comfort – 6-16-21

The comforter is always lending comfort wherever we may go.  I was praying the other morning when a thought went through my head about all the prayers prayed for us in our lifetimes.  All the prayers stored up prayed for us and prayers that we have prayed for others.  It is all in God’s timing.  This is such a comforting thought.  I had a dream one night of all the blessings that come down and they were beautiful colors.  I saw the blessings that were being stored and some couldn’t be released but they still had that person’s name on them.    

I love to open my bible and just read where my eyes land.  For the past two days they have landed on the same red-letter sentence.  “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place and rest a while.”

This is very encouraging for believers in Christ.  This was, I’m sure, encouraging for the disciples in Jesus’ time on earth too.  And as you rest, keep on the full armor and pray for protection over you and yours, thanking Him for all things.  God bless as you walk each day in courage that God is working on your behalf when you dwell in the secret place.

I did have a couple of dreams regarding the monarchy in the UK, but I haven’t felt I should share those publicly yet.  As we stand on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ, our cornerstone, we will stand firm. 

Categories: Devotion

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