Leaving the Dry Well – 6-3-21

I’ve been in the swing this morning so humbled by what Jesus has done for me. His love is so amazing I can’t even describe it. As the tears flowed I began to pray for all those at the well – all those that Jesus met at the well and said turn and walk a different way. I pray for all those that hear His words and begin that hard climb up the ladder from this world. The deeper we sink into the dry well of this world, the harder the climb is to get back up. I’ve watched so many begin and fall again, then begin again. This world has a way of tormenting with its destruction on our lives in that well. I pray for strength and purpose this morning. Those that made it out need to turn around and help those that are still trying to get out. A good soldier always goes back and carries as many out as possible.

I pray for joy in the day as He meets them right where they are. I pray for happiness in that climb where they get their eyes off their circumstances and on the prize. I pray for contentment in the journey. I pray they feel the love of Jesus that is like no other as He wraps Himself around them in protection. I pray for courage when this world calls back to its false comfort. I pray for rest in the Lord as they leave the dry well and walk with Him and His living waters.

So many have been humbled as He turns them toward a better way and their faithfulness to Him has become so strong that they no longer hear the call of this world. The chains have been broken and no longer dig into the bones as the world calls back. I pray the call of this world to their ears be silenced.

Blessed is the way and I pray that all those who see these dear ones that make it out of the well are drawn to the light of Jesus in them. I pray the light of the living waters shines so bright that they no longer see these dear faces but the face of the One that can give them a hope and a future.

The only prosperity this world has ever seen is the prosperity of destruction in human lives. This world will soon and very soon prosper no more. The days of the dry well of this world are over.

Categories: Devotion

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