Halos – 4-28-21

This led me to dig into the word ‘halo’ in different sources and see how it came about. Besides being a geometric shape, it is originally pagan, non-christian. The first halo was depicted before Christ was known about to people of that time. It represents radiant light around or above the head of a divine, sacred person. It comes from the Greek words ‘threshing floor’ like when oxen walked around and around in a circle. Some people used it as a sign of supernatural forces such as angels. My focus went to the ‘threshing floor’ and ‘sacred person’. Somebody at some point had to have seen this halo or had it impressed upon them to want to put it over the head.

It was used in art and was associated with the sun and resurrection. The art showed angels with halos. After the birth of Jesus and the virgin Mary, they were given halos in art. It meant holiness, innocence, and spiritual power. Some cultures used crowns and some feathers. The halos were sometimes even a different shape, although round was the saint, the people spiritually gifted. It was also given to heroes and Greek gods.

It has been used for so long in so many different cultures and religions. It isn’t mentioned in the bible although there are close expressions in Revelation 1 where Jesus is described in glorious light or when He changed in Matthew 17. Moses’ face shone after being in God’s presence in Exodus 34:29-35.

I was a little bummed out after first reading the origins. As always, a different, more loving understanding came to my heart. Christians have been taught that most of what we do is pagan and so many have rejected so much of their heritage because of that. Special times with family have been abandoned in criticism of the most blessed times with loved ones in honor of our Savior.

I don’t want to be one that looks at the halo in a different way other than it is very special in what it represents to a believer in Christ. To me, it is holiness that I associate with my Christ and the host of heaven. It is special to me and it always will be. I cherish my relationship with the Lord; He always has a special way of placing things on my heart in a way that shows His love and not in a way that criticizes and puts down. I will continue to celebrate anything that I honor Him with and give Him all the glory for it. What the devil meant for bad, God can and will always use for good.

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