God’s Amazing Power 4-27-21

I love working to capture lightning in the clouds when a storm comes up. I can always see His face in the clouds. I love the wind whipping the trees and hearing the thunder roll. God’s power surges with strength in a storm, a strength with no limits. He has the power to send a gentle breeze or wipe it all out in a sweep. Floods roar like thunder and lift pounding waves. His words spoke where the waters stop as He marked the foundations of earth. His voice echoes and His glory thunders. His words hold truth and in them is what will be. He splits cedars and moves mountains, yet in us He gives His peace and strength as we search Him. Those that search Him find him. It is our happiness to have Him among us as we praise His Holy Name! We are so blessed as He pours out His protection, wisdom, and knowledge. But most of all, His love, His mercy, and His precious grace……for without which……I shutter to think.

Psalm 93 Psalm 29 Psalm 76 Proverbs 8

Categories: Devotion

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