Walking in Peace – 4-16-21

Something has shifted for which I am so grateful. The Lord’s peace has penetrated every doubt, fear, and worry. Even with at least thirty phone calls yesterday of troubling events and requests for prayer, the Lord’s peace continued to rest. Being able to remain so calm and peaceful and not even flinch with a care or a worry is amazing. When He says cast all your cares on me, our faith rises up to meet that blessing. He doesn’t just take the cares off our shoulders, He replaces that with something we can’t even explain and don’t even try to figure it out. Like a medication with amazing results and no side affects.

I was thinking the other day, how do we be a light for others with so much going on in our own lives? He doesn’t take those things going on in our lives away but replaces the emotion we carry with it to something far greater than we can ever imagine. We walk carrying that light as a mother walks with her baby in the womb. It’s something precious that we cherish and protect. The glow permeates to all those around us and they are drawn to that peace. The more someone would talk, the more I noticed a peace come over them. The voices calmed down, the fears melted away, and that peace was soon in them.

It is very humbling. Without the light of Jesus in us, there is no light. Therefore, it is not our face they see. It is the light of our Savior.

Ever since a sister in Christ had a dream of stumbling in the darkness and searching for something to hold onto, knowing that finding light was more important than water, I have tried to figure out how are we going to be that light. She said that in the dream she finally saw a light in the distance and screamed to those around her, ‘there’s a light, run to it’! When she came up to that light, she said it was me. She said she didn’t see my face because of the light, but she knew it was me. She called me and said, ‘I had a dream and I don’t know what it means’. I knew exactly what it meant, but it had nothing to do with me. I represented ALL the empty and hollow believers in Christ that have waited for Him to fill us up so that He can use us for such a time as this. Not only must we be filled with His light but also His peace. Jesus – the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except by Him.

John 16:33 John 14:6 Matthew 5:14-16 John 8:12 Romans 13:11-14 Ephesians 5:14 John 12:35 Isaiah 60:1

Ephesians 6:14-17

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