Dreams of Warnings

Worry or Faith – we have a choice – 4-13-21

On April 1, 2021, I dreamed I was standing at a register in a grocery store. My groceries had been rung up and I was searching for a way to pay. Cards were gone. No checks to be found. No bills or coins. I kept searching the same place continuously and the more I searched the more cluttered my purse became. I asked myself ‘why do I keep searching in the same place’?

I left the store and when I got outside it was dark. I left on foot. I walked up town where there were lights and a long line of people. They seemed excited to go into a beautiful building. I don’t know what they were doing but it appeared to be friends going to see a movie or hear someone speak they’d been waiting for a long time. I didn’t have anything with me to pay so I couldn’t go.

I sat on this dream a long time so I could have a clear understanding of it. It felt the obvious meaning wasn’t so obvious. I actually wrote it down and let it be. It would come to mind and I’d say ‘Lord, if this is from you please let me know what it means’. This kept going on until one day I knew. It wasn’t so much about an economic crash. It wasn’t so much about having to have a mark to buy, sell, or do anything in life on earth.

It was stop worrying about it. Stop looking to the same places for food and stop trying to make sure you have cash put aside. Stop looking at people whether they’re friends, family, or foe for your love and acceptance. Stop searching the same places. Stop going to the places you left for a reason. Nothing has changed. Stop trying to control the situations we face now. Give it all to God. His promises are still good. He still has us in His hands. The more I searched my purse, the more cluttered it became. The more we try to fix this, the more we try to be accepted, the more we try to control this, the more cluttered our life will get. Put it all at God’s feet. Have faith in His promises. His word has never changed and it never will. He doesn’t have an edit pen. Those that seek His face are not going to suddenly be trying to swim outside the ark while the door is shut tight. That table will be prepared before us. Our heads are anointed and our cups should be running over. The Holy Spirit is within us. Just because we don’t feel Him guiding us everyday doesn’t mean we are missing anything. Some days are just peaceful. Let it be.

I pray today you can grab that heart of gratitude and enjoy. We don’t need to worry on the things the bible has told us are coming. We have promises to focus on. The Lord is our refuge and our fortress, and on Him we can depend. Under His wings we can trust Him. He is protecting us. God bless you!

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