It’s Their Attitude – 4-5-21

We enjoyed what most call now ‘resurrection day’. Some didn’t and seemed to be still struggling. My heart felt heavy in the evening and I said a simple prayer ‘what can I say to them’? I waited. I didn’t feel like any other words needed to be said. I thought of how some just never do seem to get a break and they struggle with something all the time. Even on a holiday they are focusing on the struggles. Later I said simply again ‘what can I say to them’? Immediately it was like a neon flashing light. ‘ITS THEIR ATTITUDE’. I’m sure we have all at some point in our lives said a prayer that came in a thought like that and we knew we had our answer.

When this happens, I always feel an adrenaline rush and can’t sleep so I got up and began to read about this attitude business. I already knew the story of the Israelites that wandered the desert for years and from what I’ve studied, I always felt they didn’t know how to be thankful but to just complain of wanting more or wanting different. I read further into attitudes and found a story of a man that had been in a Nazi camp in Germany. He didn’t do anything to cause his imprisonment and he couldn’t do anything about his situation. He said the one thing they couldn’t take away was his freedom to change his attitude, and in changing that, it saved his life.

Whether we caused our situation or not, we can always find something to be thankful for. Hope for the better and go for it, and while working on that, change the attitude. A friend posted something once that stuck with me. We are all walking through this journey called life. We can sing or we can complain. Either way, we gotta walk this journey called life, and singing is much better.

I love to see things from a biblical standpoint, so I looked up what the bible has to say about attitudes. There are many scriptures.

I hope that today, whatever you are going through, you can find the attitude that belts out a song than the one that can’t see the cross for the bills in the mailbox. It’s not always easy, but through Christ we can do anything.

NOTE: 1) I’m not talking about people that are grieving or clinically depressed. 2) If you are a believer in Christ and have a ministry to help people with attitudes, sing like a canary.

(That little story of the prisoner was on simplemindfulness.com. I’m not familiar with the site. I just read this story.)

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