The Perfect Lamb 3/28/21

Walking with Jesus is an amazing journey through life. He is so patient and kind with us. He knows our heart. He knows all about us, and He loves us still. Pressing in to Him and hearing His voice in so many ways leads us along the path He would have us to go. Sometimes our path is met with opposition and sometimes it is met with those that want to help us along our way. Either way it is met, Jesus is with us as He tells us to come out of her and follow Him. Do not be discouraged. We walk on with our hearts full of Him and that is our focus. That focus is what keeps us strong, knowing He is with us no matter the circumstance.

He teaches so much along the way. Those lessons are embedded in our hearts and we remember. They are there when we need them. One thing He taught me for this time of year is Passover. I never paid it too much attention but knew the story of Passover in the bible. Jesus taught me to look closely and see what it has for us today. I had a vision in 2016 where I was looking out a small window like in a watch tower. I saw Jesus clearer than we see with our earthly eyes. From the side I could tell He was wearing a tan sackcloth over his shoulders and arms. He held out his left hand to me. He was saying, “come out of her and follow me”. Then I saw a warrior, bare-chested and intent on readying his bow. The view zoomed in on the warrior’s face so that I could see the badly scarred left side of it. Later that day I was scrolling channels on the tv when I came across a movie and it was at a scene where Moses was speaking with his brother, Ramses. I saw in that scene the same scarred left side of Ramses’ face. They were arguing and Moses left to tell the people to kill the perfect lamb and put the blood of that perfect lamb over their doors. I only saw that short clip of the movie. Exodus tells where God said the blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will ‘pass over’ you. That is such an amazing story in Exodus of God’s power.

For just a few short years now, the night before Passover, I have felt prompted to anoint my home in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, whose blood was poured out for us; Jesus, our perfect Lamb. Some Christians today recognize the Passover each year to remember the miracle of that night and to pass along the story of His protection. To remember that today we no longer have need of that perfect lamb spoken of in Exodus, the story that foreshadowed the coming perfect Lamb.

Then I have communion as Jesus also said do this in remembrance of Me. It is all in remembrance of God’s promises to us and in honor of His great love, for His guidance in our day and in our night, and for what He has done for us.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is our salvation and in Him we are set free from this world. Walk on with Him, our perfect Lamb. The only One worthy to open the scroll and redeem the world (Rev. 5).

God bless you!

John 3:16 John 14:6 Psalm 11:2 Isaiah 26:20 Revelation 18:4

Categories: Devotion

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