Come into His Safety – 3-27-21


This is one of those times I was writing from the heart.  First I want to call your attention to an earlier post where there is a picture of a hurricane with a large center eye entitled “Storm February 2018”.  I had better understanding of the eye of the storm on 9-29-18.  In the dream, I was riding that cloud and quickly coming up on the eye.  The explanation was that the outer bands aren’t as strong with winds but the closer inward you get the stronger the winds are, then to the eye where there is calm.  That is where we are now.  We are quickly going through turmoil headed into the eye – God’s peace.  Now for the writing from the heart that I wrote yesterday.

The world in chaos and He says ‘come away with me’.

The voices are loud and the hatred strong and He says ‘come away with me’.

So we turn from the destruction of the life as we knew it and we follow Him.

Into the quietness of His voice and the stillness of His presence.  The beauty of His love.

We start to look back and His whisper reaches our ear.  Close the door.

We will witness God’s power amongst the chaos and confusion.  We will hear Him lead the way.  No doubts.  No fears.  Total trust.  He is not shaken, so neither are we.

Hebrews 12:27    Matthew 6:6    Isaiah 26:20    Joshua 1:9

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