Eyes on the Lord – 3-19-21

I talk a lot about sitting with Jesus. Its mostly called the secret place. I’m always saying look up and be still and know. Recently this is on my heart so strong. I’ve been longing for warmer weather because its easier to sit in the prayer swings in comfort than in cold, but we can sit with Jesus anywhere. It is so important.

When we get the world out of our head and focus on Jesus, everything else comes together. He works in us. He speaks to us. Sometimes we don’t realize that thought in our head wasn’t our thought. That comfort in the spirit doesn’t come from us or anything we do, our flesh.

Get in the secret place and sit with Jesus. Let it all fall away and focus on our Savior. He is the only voice we can trust.

Psalm 27:5 Psalm 31:20 Psalm 32:7

Categories: Devotion

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