Our Hope – 3-16-21

We have hope in the day we are with the Lord. In that day, nothing we do will bring ill feelings or harsh words toward us. We will praise His name and there will be no one to try and stop us. We will have His word in us and no one will try to take that away. We will lift our hands to Him and there will be no shame. No one will mock or scorn us speaking His voice in us. So much hope and love for that day.

We are in this world, but we are not of it. That becomes so evident with each passing day. Not that we are better than anyone else or that we are perfect, to the contrary. The One in us is perfect and on that we stand.

I pray that as hard as times seem some days, that you bask in the hope and the love of our redeemer and what He has prepared for us. God bless you!

Categories: Devotion

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