God’s Love For You – 3-5-21

God warned in Amos 8 that there would be a famine in the land from hearing His words. One thing I have learned is God warns out of His love for us. He warns so we can draw closer, get in His word and hang on. Surround ourselves with it as it will never go away. The churches may close but as Matthew 24 says, God’s words will never pass away. Fill in the gaps and pray.

I realized early on that in warnings, we never have specific dates. That means we should be under His wing of protection at all times, and with a thankful heart. Anything can happen at any time in our lives. If we are already there, we are already in the safety of His wing. Safety comes in many forms. It’s the shelter, it’s having no fear and trusting in God, it’s protection from worry and strife. His safety for us is whatever we need at the time. With these times we are in, it is a blessing to know we have a Father to lean on. And with that, we have nothing to fear.

God bless you as you walk today with your Father and know that it is His good pleasure.

Categories: Devotion

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