Choices – 2-25-21

A granddaughter has a book where you make a choice at some point. When you make your choice, you go to that section of the book to finish the story. If the outcome was not good, you can go back to where you made that choice and make a different choice and then read the outcome from that.

It reminds me of being led by the Holy Spirit. He goes before us and already knows the best choice for us and when we walk led by the Spirit, we follow His leading. Isaiah 30:21.  This is good to know since in life we can’t say ‘can I do that over as if it never happened’?

Have you ever asked your parent or grandparent ‘which choice should I make’?  And they said ‘just pray about it’. 

I’ve heard some say that sometimes you just need to do more than pray. They have no idea the power of prayer in faith and the weapons of God’s armor. Though we are weak, He is strong.

Time alone with the Lord so that we know His voice and spend time in His word and in prayer with Him moves His plan in us. The choice is ours. Jeremiah 29:11

It’s something to ponder as you step out today in faith. Smile, spring is just around the corner.

Categories: Devotion

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