Dreams of Encouragement

Seek His Face, Our Light Has Come 2/2/21

God warns so that we can prepare our hearts and prepare in any other way He tells us. It is best to ask Him and hear His voice. Preparation is different for different people and different locations. And although He warns and we obey His instructions, the warning is not where our heart and focus remains. We remain in the Lord and in His promises. We rest in His peace. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. He assured us that we will have trouble in this world, but He has overcome the world.

We grow in faith that whatever trials may come, He is with us. I would rather be told to brace for impact (grow in faith) than to be falling all over the place (shaken, no faith at all). Surrounding ourselves with scripture and prayer like a wagon train and filling in the gaps is a lot easier and safer before the troubled times hit.

I want to share a beautiful dream last night. I was with all my family and we were walking outside. We kept coming up on other people and having conversations. I saw people with what looked like a pinwheel pattern covering their ears. It was flesh colored. I saw the pinwheels slowly begin to unfold from covering the ears so that the people could hear.

We stopped to rest and I looked up at these dark storm clouds churning in the air. In a circle, surrounding the clouds, were beautiful angels singing praises to God. I told my family, ‘Look at that.’ I said ‘it’s God’s glory coming down’.

The last dream I had of a scene similar to that was when women filled with the Holy Spirit were going around praying with the church because the light was out. There was no power.

We know darkness has covered this earth. But…we also know our Light has come and the glory of the Lord is upon us. Others will be drawn to it. I have felt recently to get out more amongst the people and only blog as the Lord gives me something to share. I believe all believers in Christ have a job to do according to what He has given us in our ability to do it. Let’s get to it. Singing praises to our God and King all the while. To God be the glory.

Heartfelt note – I am praying for those grieving over the loss of loved ones. Grieving is a process and I pray for strength and comfort for those in that process today. I pray the Lord cover you with His wing in the love and rest you need. God bless~

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  1. I love this post! It is truly amazing to see how the Lord is speaking such similar messages to people from all around the world. These are exciting times even in the midst of whatever difficulties we may have to face. I appreciate what you write and it always encourages me! Be encouraged and do not quit! The Lord needs obedient voices.


  2. Bless you for this, Donna. I’m not American and do not have a USA drum to bang… but I do believe Father God, in His kindness, is giving us a reprieve. A short time of harvest. As a Last Days Messenger I am getting the message out there, if only to my street. Yes! Father God is sending out a warning to all the world. Are we ready?

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