A shaking 1/23/21

I was waking before daylight and saw a male standing against a light blue wall. He appeared to be standing on a veranda. Things began to shake so violently he couldn’t stand.

I knew this was a shaking where there usually isn’t. I knew this meant in lives (that usually aren’t) as well as in the earth (that usually isn’t). Then Isaiah 42 came to mind.

I studied this chapter looking for a meaning. This chapter definitely speaks of the Messiah. Nothing about Him was ‘showy’ in His meekness and gentleness. Then we see the judgment where He returns in a different demeanor. Although, He will continue to guide the blind and turn darkness to light. He will never forsake us. Then it speaks of servants, not Servant. Seems some that say they are His servants may need a shaking. I have definitely felt the need to be silent. There is a time in all of us that we have to take an examination.

Only Jesus can help those in darkness and in bondage. Some will refuse. God warns and there is discipline. Will anyone in a shaking listen? Even in times of tremendous hardships, scriptures speak of those that didn’t. Lessons are learned when we humble ourselves before the Lord and repent to follow Him. It is amazing the things that happen when we admit we are useless without the power of the Holy Spirit.

Instead of questioning God or shaking a fist, it is better to ask Him to come into our hearts and guide us. He will forgive our sins if we only ask. His gospel is so simple. We are here for only a brief time as opposed to where we spend eternity.

Get right with the one that flung the stars into place and can take them out again. He will walk with us so that as all things that can shake are shaken, except our faith in Him and our relationship with Him. No man walking this earth can bring heavenly times to this earth. God bless you as He replaces fear with amazing faith with His amazing Grace. Wait on the Lord. He has a purpose in what He does and there is never a season He isn’t doing.

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