Draw Strength – 12-27-20

It can be peaceful all morning, but if I ever need to write, everything and everybody is hungry, thirsty, and needs to talk. I just force myself to find it comical and wait it out.

This is heavy on my heart a few days. The power of God is amazing. We cannot fathom this power with our earthly minds. If we could, there wouldn’t be a knee unbent before the Lord.

As times grow darker, there is something called the wearing of the saints. I saw this in a dream one night. A sister in Christ had the same dream. Hers cut off at a particular point, and mine continued. That was a major confirmation for us. It has happened before. In the dream we saw people in a room so tired they couldn’t hold their heads up. She saw some begin to leave, but I didn’t see that. When she saw the people leaving, her dream stopped. Mine continued as being one of those so tired I couldn’t hold my head up. There was a devastation on the way at the end of this dream and we were told we had thirty minutes. I remembered thinking ‘is that an asteroid’?

What I’m speaking on today is the part where we were so worn down. Followers of Christ put on armor to fight. We fight on bended knee. We tell others about our experiences with the Lord and about His promises. We have people come against us that we never thought would and we don’t fight back. I had never thought before that dream that there would come a time we are so tired, but I should have. With times growing darker, we fight harder with our prayers. The bible speaks of the wearing of the saints in Daniel. I was reading chapter 7 this morning. I think what we may feel now is the beginning of the wearing down like Daniel 7. Just the beginning, but we have to remember as times grow darker to draw strength from the Lord. We need to be accustomed to drawing that strength on the Lord so that fear doesn’t creep in, so that we don’t feel discouraged. We are human and God knew before the beginning of time that we would not be able to handle life alone. He knew we would need to draw strength from Him. So its been a reminder for me, and I hope for you if you have been feeling a little worn down.

I pray we never forget that we have a powerful, magnificent God waiting for us to look to Him. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. God bless you. I pray you feel encouraged as each day passes. Our hope is in the Lord. Hold on to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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