Dreams of Encouragement

Trials are tough 12-18-20

These trials some are facing are tough. I mean really tough. It’s easy to give encouragement but when you’re going through it yourself, you have to really draw strength from the Lord. I have those too and some days I don’t feel ‘okay’ and I constantly look up and say ‘Lord, I trust you in all this’.

Not all of us are always ‘okay’ and that is when we lift each other in prayer. I pray for all of you today that have amazing faith, but because of a trial, today, you are not okay. Please know you are not alone. I know I am not alone. We have an awesome God to draw strength from. He has plans for our good, even though at the time they may not feel like for our good. That is when we trust.

I dreamed all night I was putting things in alignment. I do that when I am trying to ‘fix things’. I was sorting some things on a shelf like I felt they needed to be sorted. I laugh at myself all the time and say “God, I keep trying to put these ducks in a row.”

That’s when I feel God steps back, holds His hand up to me and says, “I know what to do and your ways are not may ways.”

So I am spending my day trusting and holding on to the One that has our good in His plans. But please know it is okay to say, I have crazy faith but I am not okay. Not all those ducks are going to stay in a row.

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