Who did I encounter? 11-20-20

I left to go on another mission with the Holy Spirit. We had some errands to run that we don’t talk about. I enjoy my rare times out with the Holy Spirit. It is amazing what happens.

As I was about to turn into Walmart a thought came to mind. I never see a person of color out with a sign. I only see the caucasian. I didn’t know why at all that this came into my mind but, as soon as I turned into the parking lot and away from the tree line, the first thing I saw was a man of color with a sign around his neck. He was covered from head to toe so I couldn’t make him out but he gave a big hearty wave. I couldn’t stop because others were trying to get off the road and with the big tree line between the road and Walmart, if you turn and can’t see the parking lot yet and cars have you blocked, you come to a screeching halt.

I drove on down the lane and back up again to get to this man. I don’t carry cash so I wanted to see what his need was before I went into the store. I parked close to him and he came over to my car. (I’m safe when I do this. I have my doors locked and my window isn’t down far.) I don’t remember much about the conversation at the beginning other than key words that stand out. I was so busy reading his Jesus sun visor, Jesus mask, sign around his neck about love, and his Jesus shirt. He had on clear gloves like you see a person wear in a food line preparing trays.

He said he and his family have food but they do need money. The bills have begun coming in. He said he had, I think, an 8 and a 12 year old boy. I noticed a lot of gray in what beard and hair I could see from where I sat. He said his children were in virtual learning so his wife stays with them but she got sick from the radiation the government is dropping out on us. As he spoke of that I was trying to figure out what he was talking about. I asked if he meant she got Covid and he said yes but that’s not what we are sick from. I didn’t understand what he meant unless he was talking about the chemtrails. He was vague about why he couldn’t work right now, but he said he wasn’t too proud to get out and get help from anybody that could help.

He began to speak some things to me that the Lord has shown me before. Things I’ve gotten that are in the bible. He said that was no coincidence. He said he didn’t want to go to hell because if the demons asked Jesus to send them into the pigs because they didn’t want to go then he surely didn’t want to go. He said God knows where satan’s seat is. I told him that I had a vision about the light turning green when the pope landed on US soil and then I saw a man walk up the seat of satan, but that I didn’t know what the structure was until I saw a picture of it one day and somebody told me about it. He said yes you heard from God and that is in the bible. He began to tell me that if I ever hear a voice that is speaking negative about me, don’t listen to it. I told him that happened too. I was trying to wake up one morning and the adversary told me that I had messed up so bad that God didn’t even want me anymore. The adversary said if you hear a voice again, it will be mine, because God gave you to me. I told the man with the sign that I began to cry out oh God please still want me and the voice of God thundered like out of a waterfall GRACE! He said yes, that was God telling you don’t listen to that. I asked if he hears from God and he said ALL THE TIME! I said I do too and people think I’m crazy.

He talked on for a bit and I was amazed at his bible knowledge but I understood everything he was saying. I asked him if he would be out there awhile. I didn’t tell him what I was doing but I told him it would take awhile before I could come back out. He said that he was going to be there a long while.

I finished getting what I needed to and took out enough cash to give him plus a little extra. I didn’t understand why the extra at first but I roll with it. As I stepped out of the store I understood the extra amount. That was a different conversation. I was more blessed than she was.

But my little preacher man was gone. That’s what I believe he was if he wasn’t an angel unaware. I believe if he is a preacher then his church is closed and his family is going through a hard time. He was the happiest person I’ve ever seen with a sign. I was also going to tell him that he is a very good speaker and if he would get on you tube, he would have some help coming in. People give where they are fed. I am witnessing that now. If I can find him again I will let him use my field to call the crowds in (social distancing) and if his church opened I’d be on the front row. I’ve been to a church where I was the only caucasian in there and I was very welcomed (by most). A sister in Christ had trouble understanding what I had done though. I was just late for my church so I wheeled into that one. I drive a distance to mine and I just didn’t want to miss church. If a man of God was speaking, I didn’t care where I sat. This sister in Christ was quiet for a minute, “Was the church of color or the people of color?” I said the people. I said the church was painted white. She was quiet again for a bit. Sometimes people don’t know what to make of me. Sometimes I don’t know what to make of me. People of all races need to welcome all races. I had a vision while worshipping in that church. I saw an ancient pot pouring out oil. It was a lot of oil. After I saw that a woman in that church that hears from God said He had just spoken to her and said that He is doing a new thing. Isaiah 43. (Verse 19 – Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. I love that whole chapter.

See with God’s eyes. The building is a house of worship and the people are a child of God.

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