For those that know Him 10-27-20

So here we are. Times we thought would be years down the road. It reminds me of times in younger years, nervously waiting to go on stage for a play. Remember when you prayed you wouldn’t forget what you were supposed to say and what you were supposed to do? People were watching. The teacher was depending on you. Then you got out there and the nerves went away, the lines were in your head and said through your lips just as they should be. It was over before you knew it and there was a big sigh of relief. You looked up and thanked God for getting you through it, for calming your nerves, for leading the way, for helping you remember what you were supposed to say.

Do you remember how it felt to be so thankful you didn’t just rely on your memory and your own abilities? You trusted in the Lord. Here we are. Take a deep breath and look up. He’s still there. He’s bringing all those scriptures you’ve eaten back to your lips for language for His glory for the right moment.

You have gotten so accustomed to Him being by your side all these years, you are sometimes unaware He is still there. He is still there. Waking in the night to pray brings a new meaning now. We are here.

Look up. He’s got you – for His purpose – for His glory. Be still and know.

John 15:5-8

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