With the Eyes that we See 10-14-20

With the eyes that we see. I am referring to the heart. We can walk out before it is light and thank the Lord for a beautiful day. We don’t realize how the weather is yet, but we know that any day with our Lord is a beautiful day.

This is in anything in our day. Our heart is full of His joy and His love. We are not ignorant to the worldly powers that be or to the things they do. We just choose to focus on the good things – family and friends around us and their good heart and their love – the blessings of the Lord. We don’t discount the evil that is being done, we pray about it but it does not consume our day.

As I said, I pray for our president. I pray for our president in any year. That doesn’t mean I worship him, that doesn’t mean I agree with him, but if he fails, our nation fails – not that the Lord can’t intervene. I see my friends and family that are not biased of anyone or anything. That does not mean it is not out there. I choose to not look at it. I pray about it, but it does not consume my day. That kind of hatred I want nothing to do with.

We spend a lot of time in prayer about the evil in this world. We pray for those held in slavery and bondage and we pray for their release. We pray for those that never have the opportunity to be born. We grieve over that when we pray, but then lay it at Jesus’ feet and. with Him and in His strength, we walk on.

My prayer is that God will create in us a pure heart and that we see through that heart. I pray that He renews a steadfast spirit in us. I have a holy fear of God and I cling to Him. I pray for the joy of salvation and a willing spirit to sustain us. Then, we teach transgressors His ways, and sinners will turn back to Him.

So when we speak of the good things we see, we are not cold to the dark things of this world that hurt others. We know the things we can control and the things we cannot. We say heart wrenching prayers for those things and we walk on with the Lord. We are also grateful for the times He brings anything in our path we can, in fact, help with.

Scripture tells us to not let anything steal our joy. That is impossible to do without walking with the Lord – unless we turn to alcohol, a drug, or a false pease and light that will destroy us in the end. The joy of the Lord is from spending time in His presence. That is why He tells us to lay it at His feet. Worry about nothing, but pray about everything. He means good for us for now and all eternity. God bless! and go with the Lord!

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