Faith-How Precious – 10-12-20

God is speaking loudly at this time to have a strong faith.  I began writing early this morning and as I go throughout the day, more is on my heart to write. 

Faith is trusting in God in the things we haven’t seen yet. Faith is when we can look up and say God, we trust you in all this. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  This is a Word we want to walk every day, and not just read about it. Through faith, we stand on the firm foundation that God created this world with unseen hands.  We marvel at all this creation in six days, but God is not in our time restraints. This plan was in the Word that was in the beginning. The plan that lovingly placed every tiny and huge thing in it’s perfect place. We may see and go through some things in our lifetime, but when our eyes are on the things not of this world but on the hands that created it, we are not shaken.  

Without faith, we cannot please God because we first have to believe in God and that He rewards those that seek to follow Him.  Jesus said that he was going to prepare a place for us to be with Him and He will come again to take us home.

Noah, not yet seeing the things to come, believed and moved with holy fear.  He heard God’s voice and he obeyed, turning from the world.  He built a huge boat on dry land to save his family.  It took years to build what held them in the flood.   

There are other stories in the bible where God used people that moved in faith, not seeing the outcome but knowing it in faith because they trusted God.  These are our lessons and instructions given to us in the Word that was in the beginning.  These people had their eyes on God and His reward for them – a better place, an eternal home not built of sticks and stones. 

These stories also tell us of those that scorned, mocked, and some that even tried to end the lives of these people.  People mocked Noah, and in doing so they were mocking God.  They drowned when the floods came.  God closed that ark door, not Noah.  Have you ever thought that God placed Noah and his family in a place of safety that no man could get to, behind a door that no man could open. When God closed it, it was closed. Moses led the ‘children of Israel’ to walk through the Red Sea on dry ground.  They reached the safety of the other shore. Those in pursuit drowned.  They never made it to the other side.

God led these people in the paths of righteousness for His namesake.  When they did pass on, they had that promise of an eternal home in heaven.  Some had no home or friends on earth; some went under torture but never gave in.  Their faith showed them the truth; their faith stood up and said I’ll go.  They knew they were just passing through and when they closed their eyes on earth, they would open them in heaven.    

I have seen things to come upon this nation and this world, I believe some has come to pass, but I never have a date for these things.  God would have us stay repented and trusting in Him.  He warns us to prepare us.  God loves us so much.  He promises to open the door as we do when our children want to come in.  He says if our children ask for something, do we give them something to hurt them?  No, and neither does He.      

I pray we cling to His word in faith, get it out there, and be ready to defend it.  Let the people know salvation is a gift through His precious grace. Just come as you are. We can’t deserve it. We can’t work for it. Our faith grows as we walk with Him day by day. He tells us that heaven and earth will pass away, but His words will never pass away.  May we let our light so shine, fueled with the oil of His Spirit, so that others in these dark times will be drawn to that light.  May we never fail to give thanks for His protection and His provision, but most of all, His love, mercy, and precious grace.

Romans 10:17

James 1:22-24

Matthew:24:35, Matthew 25

Matthew 7

Exodus 14

John 14:3

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