The Thankful Season 10-10-20

Autumn of the year – we smell the sweet fragrance of a bountiful harvest.  Whispers of the Lord are in everything everywhere.  We enter His gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise, humbly gathering before our Father around the table of blessings.  His love and faithfulness are never ending; His grace upon us so abundant.  I pray this season of increase contains faith, hope, and love – honoring our God full of mercy and our Savior with the promise to never leave us nor forsake us. 

No matter what the world sees in this time, may we see His glory, His Spirit.  As we repent and devote ourselves to prayer, we receive the kingdom that will not be shaken.  May His peace abound in us as a unit and His love surround us.  I pray we have ears to hear and eyes to see, as He leads us into His path for His will and His namesake.  May we ever be steadfast, rooted and built up in Him. 

May we show kindness and tender mercy to others, for it was He that drew us in with lovingkindness.  Therefore, may our light so shine for all to see and be drawn to our creator, our protector, our provider, our redeemer, our healer.  May we trust Him at His word in all circumstances, keeping our lamps full; may we occupy until He comes.

I pray this prayer for the world. I know that at this time the world sees America where I live as a different place than it is because of the media. The violence is only in a few areas. Most of us love our family and our neighbors of all races from all countries. The division in government I am beginning to believe is for show. Most honor the president we have at any time. We pray for that president even though we may not totally agree with that president. The media currently has a television station for each side so most of us don’t watch it. The groups in ‘destructive’ protests for either side – I don’t think many Americans even know where they came from. This is a setup of a world stage. Those guided by the Holy Spirit aren’t led by the media. The world stage will have us all believing anything that happens will be warranted. Hold fast to the truth in the scriptures. Don’t stress yourselves because of those workers of iniquity for they will soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Delight yourselves in the Lord; He gives the desires of our heart before we even ask. Commit yourselves to the Lord and enjoy the bountiful harvest of this season; God does not give the spirit of fear. We may not be rich in worldly things, but we know by the abundant peace in our hearts that our treasure is indeed in heaven. God bless! (I had deleted this last paragraph but felt convicted when I did. It wasn’t in what I had written for the thankful season. It came upon me suddenly to write just before I hit post.)

Categories: Devotion

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