Consider this 9-15-20

I love to read and study wherever my eyes fall, because a lot of times God is speaking to me through His living Word in what is happening today and certain words will pop out. 

Yesterday it was Jeremiah 39.  In this chapter, we see Jeremiah in custody when God tells him to go tell Ebedmelek that the God of the Angel Armies says 1) I will do exactly what I say I will do to this city, 2) You will be there to see it, but, 3) I will deliver you on that day, and you won’t be handed over to the men you fear. 

Today I turned to Haggai, a prophet that told Zerubabel that the Lord said tell him the people say the time has not come for the Lord’s house to be built. 

The Word of the Lord came through Haggai letting them know they live in sealed houses while His is in ruins.  They plant with little harvest, earn wages for a bag of holes, then eat and drink without being filled. 

He said give careful thought to your ways; bring wood from the mountain and build My house and I will be glorified.  You run every man into his house so the heaven is stayed from dew and the earth from her fruit, so here’s a draught on the fruit and cattle and the oil.  (sounds familiar)

The Lord stirred up Zerubbabel, Joshua, and Jozadak, along with the whole remnant, and they obeyed His voice in the message of Haggai to work as they feared the Lord. 

Then Haggai gave the message of the Lord, “I am with you”.  God wanted the people to be strong and work and to know He is with them.  He reminded them of the word He covenanted when they came out of Egypt that His spirit remains among them and to fear not.

It seems to be in humans the nature to forget and not remain steadfast in trusting God, God said in a little while He will shake the heavens, earth, sea and dry land, shaking all nations – – – and the desire of all nations shall come and He will fill His house with glory.  (Is it not incredible what He is saying here.)

God bless you as He leads you to treasures as well in His Living Word.

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