A Testimony to Speak 8-21-20

I have known a few days it is time to share a dream that I really don’t want to. I had this dream when I began having visions. In the dream, my garments were long and flowing. They reminded me of what a medieval princess would wear. They flowed in slow motion as I defied gravity and floated through the air. This dream was as real as reality as I sit at this computer. I knew this wasn’t right.

I knew to speak the name of Jesus to be released. My tongue was held down so words would not come out of my mouth. I didn’t give up. I knew Jesus would rescue me. His is the only name that saves. I wasn’t afraid or panicking, I just kept trying.

God’s mighty hand lifted the finger from my tongue and I was able to say the name of Jesus three times before I came out of the dream. I was not afraid. I have never been afraid in any of these dreams or visions.

When I began sharing these dreams, visions, and words from the Lord, I just knew people would want to push a pastor out of the way to get to the alter. I just knew they would want to walk in this dark world in protection with love and precious grace. But I found myself standing there wondering, why aren’t they moving. And some of them tried to put their finger on my tongue too. Even two mini strokes tried to do that. The first one pressed my tongue down and it was awhile before I spoke at all. I walked into the ER and asked ‘well Lord, what do you think of this’? I walked over to a table and took the bible. As I opened it I was reading Isaiah 43:2.

When I first read in the scriptures, ‘if these do not speak, the rocks will cry out’, I began jumping up and down. I yelled, “That’s exactly how I feel! The words burn to come out!’

I pray that anyone that chooses to walk these dark times alone will remember when things aren’t going so well that His hand is still there and just saying His name rescues and saves. He lightens the load on our journey. He brings clarity to the confusion. He gives peace in the midst of chaos. He refines in the fire so that we come out of the prayer closet walking Psalm 23.

(I took this picture. It represents the power of God. If you ever see a picture I took and you can use it, help yourself.)

Categories: Testimony

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  1. This word was definitely meant for me today. God is moving in power in those who allow Him to use them. All will not understand, some will even mock and doubt, but God have mercy on those who do not obey and speak. His word will indeed be like a fire locked up in our bones….keep speaking loud and clear!!!!


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