Prepare to Hear from the Lord 7-27-20

As I was sitting in the prayer swing on the evening of 7/24/20, I had the most amazing peace come over me and in my spirit ‘prepare to hear from Me’.

We are hearing so much coming and there is some fear out there. God told me awhile back in a vision, and it is in a post on here, to ‘Hang On’! I was holding onto an old black, iron triangle and I looked down to see that I was far above ground. I knew if I didn’t hold on I would fall. I looked back up at the triangle like the ones used to call the family in from the field to sit at the table, and knew the three sides represented God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. That was on my mind to share as I woke this morning, 7-27-20.

On the morning of 7-26-20, I woke with the same peace as when I heard ‘prepare to hear from Me’. Prepare means to put in proper condition or readiness.

As we sit in our secret places that put us under His wing, I believe that we can trust His good and fair judgments, we can rest in what He is doing, and we will hear from Him ourselves as there is instruction from Him for us.

In a dream all night last night, 7/27/20, I was putting things in the order I see they need to be in. They would be out of order again. It reminded me of the dream when God began giving me warnings. That was when hurricanes began to intensify and Hawaii was going through so much trauma. I had asked the Lord how to pray in these judgments. I didn’t understand why He would let me know they were coming if they weren’t some kind of a judgment. He gave me a dream that is also posted on here. In that dream I was given a plate that had some small pieces, different sizes, wrapped in silver. There was a large piece in one area on the plate, there were a couple middle pieces or three smaller. I looked at the plate and, thinking it would be passed to someone else, I took the larger piece and broke it in half. I took half and put half back on the plate. It made things look more fair in my eyes. Well, that plate was taken away. I looked up and saw some screens like tv screens on a wall. I knew the top left screen was scripture. I asked ‘what’s that’? I woke and knew it was Hosea 5. I went right back to sleep. I was given another plate with the same pieces on it. The piece I had broken was whole again, but this time there were cracks in the plate like you see in an earthquake. There were three cracks separating this large piece, the middle pieces, and the smaller pieces. I went to reach for it and was told ‘don’t touch it, you will set things off balance’. So in my dream last night of putting things in what I saw as order and having them go back to the way they were was a reminder to not pray against God’s judgments. It may be something He is doing to bring people to their knees and look up. It may be a judgment against a city or a people. We don’t know who or what it is for and that has no concern for us unless He tells us. For us, it is to trust in what God is doing in this time and prepare to hear from Him ourselves. Not everybody will hear the exact same thing as not everybody is in the same location or situation.

I hope this makes sense. My brother always says he doesn’t always get what I write but when He talks to me he gets it. I’ve considered you tube but when I talk about the Lord I cry so I don’t know just how that would go, and He has not placed it on my heart to do that. None of this is about me. Pray for one another and lift each other up. If the Internet goes down we go old school. Lord please give us eyes to see and ears to hear.

I am setting this to post in the evening in case it comes to me I made a mistake. I have had more distractions this morning that I can shake a stick at.

God bless!

1 Thessalonians 5:8 But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.

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