For Thy Light Has Come


Times like these it is good to remember, when we are weak, He is strong. (2 Corinthians 12:9) He loves it when we turn to Him.  He loves it when we repent.  If you don’t think you sin, just ask Him to forgive the sins you don’t remember. (2 Corinthians 7:9-10)

The Lord speaks to me and a person I know-sometimes at the same time with the same message. It’s really amazing. So I will call her Suzie. She does not feel led to share the messages beyond close contacts but in me the words burn inside until I have at least put them out there for all to see. Take it to the Lord in prayer. (Acts 2:17)

As I sat in my prayer swing crying over hurt feelings, I kept thinking that the Lord can’t use me like this. He doesn’t need wimpies, he needs warriors. He needs mighty prayer warriors that at this time can sluff off pain, hurt, anger, anything that keeps us from praising His name-anything that keeps us from amazing answers to prayers and from seeing the mighty hand of God working on our behalf in a world of gross darkness. (James 5:16)

Suzie didn’t know anything about this. She called me and said, ‘I had the strangest dream. I saw a woman walking outside at night yelling like a town crier. She was yelling God does not want wimpies, He wants Warriors’.

We can’t underestimate the power of God. He flung the stars into space and put them in their proper place. (Job 26:7-14)  If He wants to use you, He will have you in the prayer closet in 2.5 seconds because He knows your heart and He will refine you in the fire.  It is a long process and you may not know what is going on for years, but then one day you know.  (Zechariah 13:8-9) You will know that you found the priceless pearl.  (Matthew 13:45-46)

He helped me to see that whatever my circumstance, I can rise above it.  The waters wil not overtake me and the flames they will not burn me.  (Isaiah 43:2)

God knows His prayer warriors and they know Him. Suit up in this fierce battle we are seeing out in the land and speak God’s word. Pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Our weapons are not of this world. Our weapons are given to us in Ephesians 6. Our weapons call on the Great I Am that fights for us.

Susie went to sleep one night and had a dream where she saw gross darkness so thick she couldn’t see to walk. She held on to anything she could to keep walking and to find light. Light was the most important thing-More precious than food or water. She had others following and when she saw a light in the distance she yelled RUN TO IT!  (John 8:12)

As she got closer to the light she knew that it was me walking but she couldn’t see my face. She just saw the light. This light has nothing to do with me other than being a willing empty vessel to carry it. It is the light of Jesus in us.(Isaiah 9:2; 60).  In this dream I represented the believer walking with Jesus. For it is His light that shines in us. Without Him we have no light. We walked on and saw people that tried to get to us but their chains of bondage had them shackled and held back.

Isaiah 58 tells us to help the orphans and the widows and when we fast to fast for those strongholds to be broken. Lift up your voice and pray that the chains be broken in the name of Jesus. Lift up your voice to our Savior and praise the name of the Lamb for He alone is worthy. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Walk in the Spirit as He will show us the way. This is not our world. We are just passing through. Walk in the Light that is Him in you so that others will see that light and be led to the One that holds that light.

He will give you and your family protection in this time. He is covering so many.  There are so many testimonies. We are His Bride, His Church. If we don’t speak when He tells us to, the rocks will cry out in the fields.  (Luke 19-39:40)

His power is so great at this time that if we rise above we will see it. We will know He is still God and as this battle rages we are covered. Don’t look at the enemy He said will be coming, but look into the heavens at the chariots of fire in God’s army. If you think you are alone and surrounded, you just haven’t looked up. (2 Kings 6:17) (Psalm 91)

When you go to the yard to run off what means to hurt you, you don’t stick your children in front of you to say here, hit them first. Neither does God. The verses on His protection give so much peace.

This is not to say if He calls you to speak out for His plan and His glory that you won’t be exposed, but He will be with you. The flames may burn around you but it will be like the three in the fire but four were seen and the only things that burned were the ties that had them bound. (Daniel 3)  Crazy faith.

The Holy Spirit spoke through me in a dream telling people that ‘they will be coming’.  I didn’t know who they were but I knew it wasn’t good.  He said fill the gaps with prayer and His word. He said put it all out there; it will never go bad.  His word was represented by the most beautiful fruit. And it had no expiration date. (Amos 9:11) (Matthew 24:35)

We are just passing through to a paradise we can’t comprehend to the love of a Father that we can’t comprehend. I heard a pastor very close to me say ‘I just don’t believe that even one person that loves the Lord and wants to be with Him will ever be turned away.’  You may be despised and rejected by the world, but you are amazing in His eyes. God bless you and go with the Lord. (John 6:37)  For thy light has come, SHINE!

(and I do have this Sister in Christ’s permission to share)

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