Testimony of Revival


Revival is here. In September 2015 when the Holy Spirit led me to the prayer closet, it was revival. If we are the church, then we are the revival.

Something would awaken me in the night and I’d jump up to run to the prayer closet. I’d have my Bible, my notebook and my pen. I had heard strongly in the night to get off phone, tv, Internet. I had just begun to get things from the Lord and was keeping up with them on my phone. Sheep are dumb. I asked God how am I going to keep up with these things if I can’t use my phone. He gave me a vision of a white piece of paper, then a vision of a yellow pencil. I was so embarrassed that I had asked that question.

In the prayer closet, sitting on the floor, we had revival. There was some refining and at times a threshing floor, but it was like taking a shower after swimming in the mud. Sins were washed away. I would read scripture and as certain words jumped out, I would write. Revival was so strong it was as if I had been playing church all my life until then.

I have never been afraid with any vision, dream, or word that I hear. As I went along, it was like when you go from milk to meat. Now in the night I’m in the prayer swing. If we can’t get off the milk and be able to take His warnings as well as His promises, then we won’t ever be able to take the meat. Meaning we can’t grow and we will find ourselves unprepared spiritually, mentally, and physically when these things come.  He needs warriors.  Noah is an excellent example.

I never take for granted the times with the Lord. Every place with Him is the prayer closet, the secret garden. And every time I get before Him is like a bride meeting her groom at the alter. He never ceases to amaze me.

It’s like the one pearl in a sea of filth that you found, and all the filth went away. You gave everything for it, even yourself-your life. The day may hold stressful things, but you look up when it’s done and you thank Jesus for getting you through it. You don’t sit and complain about every little piece of it because you don’t want to invite the enemy to anything. You just let it all fall away and you thank Him for walking with you through that day. His protection and His provision get you through it. His grace is so important to you that you never cease to give thanks for it.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

He walks with you in the day and sits with you in the night. Revival is here. You just need to attend to know it.  God bless you and your family!

Isaiah 57:15
Joel 2:28-32
Psalm 19:7
Matthew 13:45-46

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