The Vineyard – 5-18-20



A sphere of activity, field of endeavor.  It is so amazing to see such a battle in the world today.  A battle we read about.  A battle we knew was coming.  And a battle in which we know the outcome.  That in itself gives courage and strength as we walk in faith with the Lord.

The war is against God.  It is against His Son.  It is against the seed.  And you are a warrior in it.  You have on armor.  I know, it’s as strange as strange can be if you don’t think about it in the spirit and from God’s perspective.  But you are already in a war.  Some of you have been for a very long time.  You have weapons.  You hold up a sword everyday.  You wear a helmet and a breastplate.  Is that not awesome.

You hear the battle cry in the night and you hear it in the day.  You are an army of so many.  We walk shoulder to shoulder yet we live in different states or different countries even.  It will literally blow your mind when you stop to think about it.

We run low on ammo and sit before God and King on bended knee with our heads bowed low and our swords pointed in the ground.  The light that never ends and never runs low comes over us and refuels.  It recharges.  It sloughs away the hurt words, the shunned attitudes.  It gives strength to know our loved ones gone on in this battle are with the Lord, and the ones still fighting are strong in courage.

We rise from bended knee charged again for the battle with our eyes on the victory.

God bless us all as we walk shoulder to shoulder in our armor, hearing His voice.  We are blessed.

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