The Refueling Place 4-13-20


I saw my cousin’s husband on tv and realized their home was pretty much destroyed during the night.  I became very emotional.  I’m thankful they are doing well physically, but I know when we get older our homes hold so much comfort for us.  There are some that have homes in the roads.  I don’t yet even know the extent of all properties and lives in my home town.

I heard not long ago ‘your faith will be tested’.

We try to remain strong for others so keeping our lamps full of oil is vital.  When coming upon troubling times, I can usually open the bible and He speaks.  In fact, I don’t remember a time I did that and the Lord not speak.

This was true this morning.  I opened the Word and was looking at ‘Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while.’  This is Jesus speaking to His disciples in Mark 6.

I pray we all keep our lamps burning bright for Jesus.  He needs disciples in these troubling times to stay strong just as He did those that walked with him over two thousand years ago.  His grace is sufficient for everyday.

God bless you and your families!


I share dreams and visions over the years on this site. I enjoy giving encouragement and devotions. Thank you for visiting. Donna Sikes

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