Suffering is hard to watch

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I see a lot of us right now that are not good at watching people suffer and worry.  We are trying so hard to say ‘hey, there’s a Savior you can go to, he will ease your suffering and relieve your worry’.

I was hanging clothes when I was telling the Lord that some days I feel I’m doing this under my own might and power which gets no where and means nothing.  I said Lord I need your power for it to go anywhere.

I had a download all of a sudden.  The Lord doesn’t want to relieve everyone’s worry right now.  He is dealing with everyone individually.  Some have some repenting to do, some are passed that and sitting at the foot of the cross.  When He showed me in a dream to not touch His just and fair judgments, this is one of the things He was referring to.  We can be a light in the darkness as the Lord leads us to be.  He will let us know when to speak and to whom to speak, but if we are just out there trying to relieve everyone’s suffering and worry, and it is not under His power, we are not going to accomplish anything.  He won’t always take us out of it, but He will always take us through it.  Isaiah 43:2

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