Counting Blessings – 2/19/20


Counting blessings is the best way I know to get out of a slump.  It lifts our spirits and glorifies the Lord.  When it feels no one really cares or listens, just count blessings.  I get tickled sometimes remembering a commercial where a woman would drag herself on the floor by her collar.  I’ll tell myself to stop it and count blessings.

The Lord tells us that we are blessed when remaining steadfast under trial, and when we have stood the test we receive the crown of life and that God promised it to those who love Him.  He also tells us not to fear for He is with us and that He will strengthen us and uphold us with His righteous right hand.  We can’t go by our feelings but by what we know.  And when we stop and remember what we truly know, we are so blessed from now into eternity.  There is so much going on in the world, but we have known this was coming through the scriptures, and the Lord has been speaking to so many that it is near, and even at the door.  We stay at the ready with oil in our lamps and unafraid.  We stand firm until He comes for us.  We won’t lose hope but stand fast.  The real test is when all the dreams and visions we have been given come to reality.  He has also shown us His protection.  That is when we stop, look up, and know that He is God.  Receive all that He has to offer and give thanks for His provisions and protection.

God bless you!

James 1:12          Isaiah 41:10          Matthew 24:36          1 Corinthians 15:52

Psalm 46:10          Matthew 25

Categories: Devotion

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