Dreams of Warnings

Sudden Destruction – 11-29-19


Updated 5-20-21

I posted a dream before 11/29/19 and have pushed it out a few times for review.  I prayed about it when it first happened and one day heard ‘sudden destruction’.  I knew it was the title for the dream.  I woke this morning, after discussing it with a prayer group yesterday, with the need to look up some information.    This dream isn’t one I ever wanted to post.  I told the Lord if it keeps coming to mind, I will post it.  One night in a dream a very assertive family member stepped in front of me and said, ‘Donna, the people deserve to know’. When I first woke I thought, ‘deserve to know what?’  Then I remembered.

This is the dream:
A sister in Christ (she gave me permission to tell the details but not her name) and I had the first part of the dream on the same night. We were in a room full of people. They were becoming very tired. People were stretched out across the tops of the tables and some had their heads resting on the tables. In the sister’s dream, they became so tired that some began to leave and that dream for her ended.  Key words in her are ‘people began to leave’ as in leave the faith.
My dream continued where I became so tired as well that I struggled to move a person out of the way so I would have room to rest my head on the table.  I was so tired I didn’t have concern for the person resting on top of the table. I just started shoving them over.

In my dream, a machine of some type started spitting out words on paper. It was loud as you could hear it typing. It wasn’t a quiet fax machine. There may be a military machine like what I heard.  Two men in the room went to the machine and started reading.  One tore the paper off the machine and said he didn’t understand why they weren’t aware of that, why they had not already been told. They were talking about something coming out of the sky. I thought ‘are they talking about an asteroid?’  There was a man at the end of my table on my right with his head resting on the table as well.  He slowly raised his head and asked, ‘how long do we have?’ One of the men reading from the paper said, ‘THIRTY MINUTES’.  The room became silent and nothing else was heard.  I then woke.

It is important to point out that I had a family member that had a dream a good time before mine where they wanted to know how much time they had and the reply was thirty minutes.

I didn’t know if this was an asteroid or something being fired at us so I looked up the time it would take a missile from Russia to America and it read thirty three minutes. Again, I don’t know if it was an asteroid or what, but in the dream asteroid came to mind.  The bible speaks of sudden destruction.  1 Thessalonians 5 – … While people are saying “peace and safety”, destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.  The bible speaks of keeping oil in the lamp. Don’t fall asleep. We are in His hands. At some point, we will be meeting our Savior in the air – but in God’s timing.  I have seen many say we were going up as destruction was coming down.  I had a dream as well that as we were being fired at and there was no way out, then Jesus was coming down.

Regarding the thirty minutes, Revelation 8:1 reads . . . And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.   I can just imagine the prayers it speaks of at that time.

Many have been telling the Lord’s words to prepare.  Prepare your hearts and minds.  Draw closer and cling to the Lord.  I have mentioned some of these from time to time.  These are not people that want to frighten, but people that God is using to warn.  God has used many in time to warn to prepare.  1 Corinthians 2:12-13

What I woke with on my heart this morning (5-20-21) was to search out a few things.  One in our prayer group was told to go in and shut the door.  She had preparations to make.  Those are made and now the door is shut.  The bible tells us that it will be as in the days of Noah.  (Matthew 24)  Noah prepared and then God told him to go in and God shut the door.  Preparations were over, and there was silence for seven days.  There was silence of the preaching of repentance.

Joshua tells about the days of the Jericho wall, the people were told to be silent until they were told to shout.  They would hear the blast of the trumpet.  There was seven days before the power of God moved in a mighty way.

Job 2 speaks of how the friends of Job sat with him seven days and no one said a word because they saw how great the suffering.  I wanted to see some of the times in the bible there was silence and why.  These times show a silence before a great move of God.

There has been silence and a famine of the Word in many areas of the world recently.  Some have been jailed or worse that tried to continue to preach it.  God is drawing our attention to His Words of what happens after the silence.  Whether it is something He is showing us in the past or coming in the future, what happens after the silence?

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