Microchip Discussion – 7-18-19

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I didn’t realize that President Trump had appointed Dr. Oz to his sport, fitness and nutrition council. I saw an article that was dated May 4, 2018, so it is probably not new news to many but it was to me.
Today someone shared with me a clip of Dr. Oz on Fox News with a panel of three on the couch.  Dr. Oz began discussing someone passing away due to a diet of mostly protein. The discussion then moved to a Netflix called Black Mirror that is apparently popular. The panel spoke of a microchip installed in the hand for ID, cash, credit card, keys. Dr. Oz said the chip is the size of a grain of rice. He said you can’t feel it going in, it stays there, and gives you key card entry and is also a credit card. They are using it in Sweden because they want to be a cashless society. Dr. Oz said he can see it taking over in China but there are concerns. One concern was it is a way of tracking so that everything you do is seen.  He said it could measure health issues with you and he likes that part. He said that in a health issue that you could be alerted about something like too much protein in the body. It gave me the assumption he was saying a life could have been saved. (Everything I have typed here are notes from the discussion. None of it is a view of mine.)  One on the panel said he didn’t like that because a potential employer could tell an applicant that a health issue could hinder being hired.
Dr. Oz talked about the big announcement today and getting healthcare and media talking to each other. He said the thing is powerful and could let you know when you have a heart problem or are about to fall. He said there are things it could tell you that you wouldn’t want to know and you should own that data. It’s yours. He said what they are trying to do today is allow companies, large and small, to talk.  He was talking fast and buzzing through it. He mentioned Oprah, a big presentation, a new relationship, public health care. But then he said now you could have your own data but not just yours but the communities because it affects you.
Another on the panel asked Dr. Oz what he was doing with Martha Stewart. Dr. Oz said on small companies they are doing a game called The Lion’s Den. They are going to give away a lot of stuff. Someone was talking over him but I think he said over a million dollars worth of stuff. That is for companies proving they are really changing health – the small guys trying to get their word out to the American consumer. He said people get scared and don’t know what the issues are so they run away from it. This part wasn’t clear to me.
Dr. Oz said he and Martha Stewart are hosting a venue of cars because technology has always been an opportunity for us but has also scared us. He said the most important thing we can do is allow technology into our existence but not to be fearful for whatever that technology may hold for us. One on the panel said he will be watching Dr. Oz later today so I guess this was discussed further on his own show.
I wanted to post this so if you are interested you can find the clip with Dr. Oz and Fox news or find the Dr. Oz Show to see this discussion.
As a Christian, my eyes are still bugged out – and I’m praying.  This discussion is going to move rapidly.

(photo – friends and family know I love sun rises and sun sets so they send me their views.  I love God’s artwork.)

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