The Kinder Side – May 20, 2019

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We love the lake.  My husband and I get maybe two weekends a year alone because we are raising two grandchildren after our daughter passed away.

The boat ramp we chose was overcrowded.  People were intolerant and very rude.  Some were blocking the boat ramp to keep others from getting into the water for various reasons, one being he was waiting for somebody to arrive with the boat key, and he didn’t want to lose his place in line so he waited, which meant everybody else had to wait.

There was one guy alone in his opened top jeep listening to amazing lake fun music, waiting for his turn.  He told us to go ahead because he was in no hurry, and his smile reflected that.

We finally made it and I was trying to park the truck and trailer when I realized people were parked on the grass and in parking spots.  Some with only a vehicle and no trailer had taken up the spots reserved for vehicles with trailers.  I had to go tell my husband I didn’t know what to do.

He found a spot and we went on to enjoy a nice ride and swim.  Not long into the swim he began to not feel so well.  He was getting worse so we left and went back to get our vehicle and go home.  We soon found that we had been blocked in, and there was another man waiting at the boat ramp for something that was taking awhile but he, too, did not want to lose his place.  He became snippy when my husband asked if he was coming or going.

My husband found that he was blocked in and we couldn’t move the truck and trailer to get the boat anyway.

I went up to the guy sitting there blocking the way that the reason my husband had asked is he has a medical condition and was not feeling at all well.  We needed to leave.  He didn’t seem at all concerned and said he didn’t have a piece of candy or anything that would help.

I went on to the dock and asked another family if they had anything to help and the man said ‘we need to go’, so they left the dock and headed down the lake.

But the man that had been snippy stopped what he was doing and went to his dad’s truck and found something we could use.  I said ‘bless you and thank you’.  He then had a kinder look in his eyes.

Then a man that said his dad had the same condition helped my husband unhook his trailer, hand push it into the road, and move the truck so he could hook the trailer up again.  The man even offered to help get the boat on the trailer and secured.

I noticed that all but one of the people I talked dropped their attitudes when they saw their was a need.  Their anger and frustration melted away and they did what a person wanting to help somebody would do.

I realized that most people that act angry may have a medical condition and don’t know how to ask for help, they just want you to get out of their way.  And most people that want you to let them be a hindrance are really nice people.  They are always willing to help.  I could see that even in fun times on a beautiful day, people are angry and frustrated.  They are so focused on what they want that they are blind to any need there is.  They are blind to working together.  So I guess the key is to communicate and help each other.

As they were hand pushing the trailer out into the road, a truck on the grass blocked them.  A young man got off his jet ski to get his trailer and I prayed the trailer blocking us was his, and it was.  God answers prayers.  The young man apologized and moved right away.  I saw a picture that day of how communication can really make a difference.  I guess we talk by text and social media so much we don’t know how to talk face-to-face anymore.

But there is a kinder side to people.  I pray we can all dig down deep and find that kinder side.

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