‘Believe In’ 4-15-19


As I sat in the swing I looked down at a phrase ‘he that believeth in me’.  It came to me that there is someone else that believes in Jesus existing.  He made Jesus his enemy, and he tempted Him in the desert while Jesus was on this earth.

It felt as if the Lord was showing me the adversary in a way like the teachers used to be allowed to march a child by the collar to the principal.  By the time the child got there, he realized it was now too late to straighten up.

So ‘he that believeth in me’ means more than he that knows I exist.  I looked up the word believe.  It has a lengthy definition and the word trust is definitely in there.

We put our trust in our Savior, not just believing He exists.  Then the thought came to me ‘not quite right, look up the words believe in’.  The heart has to connect with the head on this.

believe in by Merriam-Webster – to have faith or confidence in the existence of, to have trust in the goodness or value of, to have trust in the goodness or ability of.

Then it came to me ‘just as a little child’.  Trusting fully on our Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 18:3    Psalm 9:10    Psalm 20:7    Proverbs 28:26    John 11:25


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