Answered Prayer 2-28-19

IMG_6148 (1)

I felt the Lord wanted me to do another technology fast.  In one of my first posts He woke me in the night around September 2015 and impressed upon me to get off the telephone, the computer, the Internet, TV.  I felt it in my belly as the words came up.

So I asked Him to give me a rainbow today if I was understanding Him correctly.  This rainbow that I saw this evening is a double.  The shower that came just before the rainbow was not forecasted.  It goes from the bottom of the picture to the top.  It was amazing and my camera didn’t do it justice.

So He has my attention.  I’ve had two people very close to me to be awakened in the night lately with a message to fast and pray for the attacks and strongholds on Christians.  So I will be doing this and resting in the Lord in the secret garden.  Sometimes when we are silent we can hear His voice and He confirms it.

The morning after I was given Matthew 6.

God bless!

Categories: Devotion

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