Vision – 12-9-18



On the morning of 12/9/18 I had a vision. In the vision I was looking out the big window in the kitchen and seeing different decorations for different seasons on the window sill. I saw a figurine of a scarecrow and skull, then that went away and I saw a snowman. My eyes went beyond the decorations to the trees. Suddenly I saw people going up. Their hands were raised and they were wearing long white gowns. Then they would go so fast it was like a white blur. Although, the sky was not as full as you see in pictures people have painted of the rapture.

I believe the decorations in the window represented the word ‘season’ – as in know the season we are in as we are told in Matthew 24. This vision was saying we are in the season of the rapture.

I had recently felt led to read the book of Nahum. Like Jonah, Nahum warned but God did not spare the land as He did for the prayers in the time of Jonah. This felt connected to the vision somehow. God has been so good to answer prayers as we have prayed for America. How long? In time of judgment the remnant are comforted that there is a heavenly home.

Matthew 4:17

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