Pray for our President – Night Vision 2017

I had a night vision within a dream in the summer of 2017.  I’ve had trouble sharing that.  I put it on here and scheduled it to post but I thought better of it.  It was graphic, it is controversial, and it would just cause confusion and chaos.  God has an order to things – He is not the author of confusion.  But I believe this dream was from God so that I could ask for prayer at this time.

The only thing we need to come away with from this message anyway is to pray for our President.  Pray for his life, his family, and his position in the oval office.  What he does and says affects us all.  It does not matter what political party we are, we should always pray for our leader.  No leader of this country is our God, but we should be grateful that we are still allowed to have a leader in this country.

The scripture I said a couple days ago that had come at me was in Daniel.  When scripture comes at me I study to see what does it mean for today.  I will leave it up to you to study the book of Daniel as well.

Please pray for our President.  God bless.


I share dreams and visions over the years on this site. I enjoy giving encouragement and devotions. Thank you for visiting. Donna Sikes

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