You Are Not Alone – 8-30-18


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After opening the bible to Haggai, I read and meditated on it.  I later heard a Christian news channel read from Haggai.  I knew the Lord was speaking something.

Afterwards I went outside and watched a powerful storm. The heavens shook with thunder, and lightning flashed across the sky.

Those three chapters in Haggai pack a powerful punch. I know there is a lot to this story and a lot behind it, but this is what the Lord was saying to me for today.

We, as God’s children, are to be about His business at this very important time, but we are to be encouraged in that work because He is with us. There are so many times we get discouraged, and when we do, He speaks to us to remind us He is there.

We don’t want to be worried about things that don’t matter or feel that we are alone, because those times come often enough. We don’t want to be our own stumbling block and make excuses. We are to search our ways, search our hearts, and work with a pure heart – set aside for Him.  Don’t let the fire go out, and if it does, remember when it burned bright.

I saw a quote that said ‘how many times do we help somebody to find that they didn’t even care’. It doesn’t matter how we think they felt about it if we are in God’s will. He is our strength and our reward.

Don’t be discouraged, be encouraged – and when He shakes things up, be the fire for His glory.  God bless you in your walk for He is there with you and you are not alone.
Picture – taken the morning after a lightning storm.

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