The Perfect Things – 1-7-2007



The Perfect Things

When all you see are empty plates all stuck with goo and crumbs
Remember to give thanks for them and don’t feel so humdrum.
For dirty plates mean there were means to buy the food to eat
And dirty plates mean there were loved ones to eat the bread and meat.

It’s the dirty things in life we learn to help us see a blessing
Dirty laundry in the bin means clothes to wear when dressing.
Muddy feet mean there was rain so flowers and food could grow
And muddy feet mean happy tots were playing in a row.

The gummy bears, the big red worms, the toad frogs in a drawer
The happy smiles of dirty cheeks all full of treats and more.
The dirty floors from front to back, be thankful for happy feet
Bubbles on the bathroom mat from toes that smell so sweet.

When you’ve got no room to move with five piled on a bed
Thank God for the worn out blankets and pillows for your head.
Thank Him for contented hearts, for night He made for rest
And thank Him for your worn tired feet; you know you’ve done your best.

And when the bills are raining down like the first bad storm in spring
Give God the thanks for funds to pay, thank God for everything.
Don’t get caught up in things of this world, all glamour and all glitter
For those things will all pass away, those things won’t even matter.

It’s the things that God created, the things dear to His heart
Those things He washed as clean as snow, those things will never part.
The love within our hearts and all the lessons on our way
He’s just preparing us for the unclouded, endless day.

Donna Sikes
January 7, 2007

Family photo

Categories: Devotion

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