Dreams of Deception

Who are you? – 7-31-18


7/31/18 Dream

I was out and about when I met a very pleasant, likable lady. She told me to go to her house and she would cook me something that was delicious. I followed her and she prepared the food. She piled it all up on a huge hot dog bun. It was disgusting. She talked non-stop after she gave it to me but I was so busy trying to figure out how to eat this that I missed everything she was saying. A spider web formed on the food and a tiny spider crawled out. It made me sick to look at it.

I asked where the restroom was. We walked down a hallway and she was giving the appearance of having nothing but my best interest in mind. She was very pleasant to be around. I had on a long dress. There must have been a train in the back because she was helping me walk by picking the dress up at the bottom in the back. I looked around in the room and realized it was a storage/laundry room. I kept looking for the sink, toilet, shower, anything to show it was also a combination restroom. I looked up to ask her about it and saw that she was looking for these things as well.

I realized this was not her house.

When her eye caught mine staring at her, she knew that I knew that this was not her house. She stormed out of the room, got my things, threw them at me, and went out the door of the house slamming it behind her.

I thought that I could have been in a bad situation but instead it was her that left. I didn’t really understand it til late afternoon the dream came to mind and what it meant.

We are the church, the body of Christ-the bride. This woman represents the spirit that is pleasant and appears to be good for the body of Christ to draw us in teaching false doctrines and causing harm with lies and deception. That’s not her house, she uses someone else’s house. When walking in the spirit there will be something we will recognize that is off. At some point we will face it head on and it will flee. Being the bride of Christ, this is going to happen.

Workers in the kingdom are a threat, but we are conquerors in Christ. We are not the victims we are being made out to be. We have God’s protection. He gives us eyes to see.

It all just came back to my memory and the meaning was there and it was exciting.

Then I thought what will happen if someone isn’t believing in Christ and walking in the spirit or is just going through the motions.

In Acts 19 the evil spirit (using another’s body) spoke to the imitators and said I know Jesus, I know Paul, but who are you?

Verse 16:
‘And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.’

It scared the ones using sorcery enough (when they heard of this) that they burned about fifty thousand silver coins of books/scrolls they’d been using.

But for a Christ-filled believer walking in the spirit, it is very encouraging. Stay strong

Picture taken by me.

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