There is rest – 7-30-18

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When we are overly tired we tend to get weary and burdened down. When this happens we have our Savior to lean on. The scriptures tell us He is gentle and humble in heart where we will find rest for our souls.
The day after God’s work, He made it holy and He rested on it.
Jesus called the disciples to rest after all their work with so many people crowding around. They had fed and taught so many that Jesus called them to a quiet place.
There is peace and rest for the children of God. This world has so much trouble but Christ has overcome the world, and on that we rest.
I pray that in all the work we are called to do, we don’t forget to find rest ourselves – where He restoreth our souls.

Matthew 11:28-30
Mark 6:31
John 16:33

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